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About Prayers

Could I suggest something that I have done since childhood? I would save whatever inspired me, and I would read those pages whenever my soul felt burdened and/or lonely. It always helped to make my sagging spirit soar. 

Everyone believes their problems to be the worst. When everything fails most of us turn to the Divine Power. If we are sincere and persevere, we will find an answer. That answer may come through the experience of a loved one. or through the words of a certain book, which you just 'happen' to pick up. It may be through a movie or a program on television. Or it maybe an answer from within. All the above insights are forms of 'Answered Prayers'

Once you have found a direction to solve your problem, only you can put it into action. Sometimes, after you have done your best in a certain situation, you need to do nothing else, but put your problem aside and enjoy yourself.  You can also co-create your reality because you were made in God's image.

Sometimes our prayers are not 'answered'  because we subconsciously do not want them to be. I know of people who, though they pray for release from their difficulties are actually addicted to the attention that they receive because of it. Or maybe the trying to solve their problem gives them a reason to 'live'.

Think about the above for a moment, or read it again before we move any further. Are you a victim of the above?

Remember that all prayers connected with material desires are limited. When one becomes obsessed with a certain desire, one becomes anxious, nervous and pained. I have read that pain is nothing but resistance to the God energy caused by fear. Anxiety and fear are an impediment in the path of fulfillment of prayer. A calm  mind who, though physically shattered, continues to have a strong will is bound to receive a response from the Almighty.


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