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Thought on Life's Downs

Thought One

Life is a roller-coaster. It has its ups and downs. And last month has been more down than up.

Amongst life's usual irritants like illness, domestic help problems, and minor misunderstandings...I LOST A FRIEND! However philosophical one is, it hurts.
It hurts to know that I will never call her 'Sakhi' anymore as I affectionately did. It hurt when in the Shradhanjali' (homage) that I gave , I had to speak about her and not with her, while her photograph smiled at me. It hurts to know that whenever I go for a walk to Marine Drive, I will not stop over for a chat with her.....

As I was musing on the above,  I got an email on 'Life' It reminded me, that if we cried no tears, we would be unable to appreciate the joys of laughter, and the simple goodness of friend-ship. It told me that we do not realize how complex Creation can be, until we meet it face to face. It said that Life is not always easy and not always fair. But then That is His Way, and we have no choice but to concentrate on  the 'warmth', the 'laughter' and the 'smiles'. As I told my friend's only child, her son, 'We all prayed for her, God's answer to this prayer was 'No'. I believe that prayers are always answered, Sometimes the answer is 'Yes', Sometimes 'Wait' and sometimes 'No'.

We just have to believe that whatever God wishes for us, is the 'Best', in the long run, and while we sometimes lose faith, He is always there to give us the strength, and send us reminders...like He did for me in the form of the email on 'Life'?

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