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It has been over 2 weeks  since the mind boggling earthquake in Gujarat (India). A lot of people have written about what transpired what they felt, and what they wanted to do. I have remained speechless! I found no words to put down. I have read, and people have shared with me, what great Spiritual  minds have had to say about it. I in turn am sharing it with you.

I read in an article that people die everyday, of various causes. We feel numbness, sadness, denial, anger, and then we escape from the reality of it all.  When an unfortunate incident happens to someone else, we fear that we may have to experience a calamity too, and sadly that is what we probably find so hard to bear. If we were to lead a life of compassion, we need not fear death, in fact we would welcome it , because then we would recognise it as a transition to a higher eternal plane.

Observe every incident of your life everyday, until you are free of it. Have compassion everyday for everyone! And when death claims you, you will have nothing to fear.

About the earthquake, Baba said that these were the ways of nature. He said that a doctor , in order to cure a patient, who is suffering from a stomach-ache, has to use a knife, open the stomach-ache and eliminate the cause of the pain. The doctor has to cause pain to remove pain. These are also the ways of God. Everything is good. God is good! There is no suffering. The soul does not suffer!

A dear girl shared with me a passage in which the question is asked that, if there is a Merciful God, then why do so many horrible things happen?  The answer is also given and it states, that so many terrible things happen, not because God does not care or because He does not love you, but because His chief aim is about your spirit, about your ability to love against all odds. About your attitude to have goodwill and about the part that will continue to live through other life-times and eventually Heaven!  The passage further claims that you will understand the Lord's plan when you will experience continuing, creative, life-giving love. The wonderful part is to achieve the above, you do not have to be a full-time religious person of some kind. The Lord provides enough family relationships, religions, influences through many lifetimes for ones spirit in physical bodies, to learn to do it right. And as we do understand and assume personal responsibility for it the whole world will begin to make rapid progress.

I was reading in an article, in which a Saint stated, that you might say, that death is different. It means permanent separation. Krishna says to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Geeta: "There was never a time when you or I or these kings were not, nor will there be a time when they will cease to be. Death makes no difference in the Infinite Consciousness. This line of thinking adds: "Have you ever cried over the vanishing sun every evening?" Maybe these calamities occur so that man wakes up from his coma and acts to carve out a heaven from hell!

Yet another article claims that an earthquake per-se does not kill people. It is the man-made structures that are not built earth-quake resistant. Therefore the fault essentially lies with man. We can only blame ourselves if we refuse to learn from past experiences. Mother Earth has been abused all these years and we are all partners in that crime. So we must apologise to Mother Earth and mend our ways.

People can make a difference. One example amongst many is that of Nita  Ambani, a billionairess housewife. Different articles have affirmed that she is a woman of action and compassion! She has gone again and again to Gujarat despite bacterial infections and against her doctor's orders. Let us also feel  their pain, but let us make a difference. Let our hearts quake for them, and  besides all the other help that we may be providing, let us pray that they emerge stronger in every respect.

Maybe circumstances like the earthquake, can waken us from our stupor. And maybe this is what this calamity is destined to do!

Not  an earthquake but a mind-quake  will take us to a new era where the earth will be worshipped once again. And people will stop spitting on Mother Earth and hurt her trees and foliage and make her sad.  And we will learn that there is a pattern even in chaos.  And maybe the builders will then not violate earthquake resistant building norms .

And woh subah kabhi to aayegi.


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