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Thought on Suicide - A Cowardly Act

Thought One Thought Two

Thought One

The other day  I was watching a serial on TV. One of the characters was trying to commit suicide, as she believed that she had nothing to live for.

This scene made me sadly remember a friend of mine, who one day called me on the telephone to say that she was contemplating suicide. Though I panicked within, I flippantly asked her to wait until she had a cup of coffee with me. She laughed, and said, she would, for friendship's sake. I put down the phone and rushed for my car keys, not before a quick prayer to God to guide me to say the right thing to her. As I entered my friend's house, she told me that she had nothing to live for.

She took me to her balcony and said: "You think that it is a cowardly act to jump?  I think that it takes guts!"

I said: " I agree that it takes physical and mental courage to take this step, but it is Spiritually, that you are a coward!"

I went on to tell her what I had read somewhere, something, that had had a deep impact upon me. "This theory claims, that one chooses the karmas that one wants to pay for in this lifetime, before one takes birth. One is warned that it will not seem as easy to take the load during the lifetime. One is told that one will not remember why one has to suffer so much. One is explained that it is simpler to go through more lifetimes carrying a lighter load in each. But the brave soul that one is, one decides to pay for so much, in one quick lifetime. Now if you commit suicide, you are going to feel like a fool for not heeding the advice given before birth , and you are surely not as brave a soul as you thought you were! Does not that make you a coward?"

My friend sheepishly asked me:" How do you know all this is true?"

I said: "I don't!  but, It seems to make sense, and can you prove that it is not?"

Thought Two

I was reading the other day:
...and then you get depressed and even think of suicide, instead of prolonging your efforts to be alive, changing your perception and thereby creating the life that you really want for yourself...

There are some who commit murder for lust or power and then commit suicide when caught. Such people do not succeed in breaking the link with the gross world. They live as ghosts and suffer for hundreds of years. Their agony is extremely intense.

Some commit suicide because they maybe suffering from a dreadful disease, poverty, social, emotional and/or ego problems. Therefore they lose the will to live.

Such  souls continue to suffer as they continue to 'live' and 'feel' in a subtle sphere. They continue to maintain a link with the earthly life. Desires continue to dog them, but there are no means for their satisfaction. The suffering in this state is much more acute, than the agony that the person would endure had the person continued to  live.

I believe that 'karmas' are not, to make you suffer. They are meant to teach. Now, if one 'gives up' in this life, one does not escape the karma. One has to return again and again until the lesson is learned.

Ma used to say to me: " Your role is to change difficulties into opportunities"

I think that every star shines and twinkles in the dark of night. What say you?


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