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Thought on Forgiveness

Thought One

In my last portion of Dal-sabzi, I had explained that 'Holi' meant 'ho liya so ho liya' which means 'allow bygones to be bygones'.

In that context, someone has said that it is reasonably easy to forgive, but it is very difficult to forget!  Interestingly he speaks about 'deep wounds inflicted...'

I believe that emotional wounds like physical wounds have to be initially tended to. e.g.:- A fracture hurts miserably. One has to go to the doctor and have the physical part put into plaster. After that, there is very little one can do except allow nature to take its own course. TIME HEALS.

Similarly, after one decides to forgive. One does not forget immediately. Allow time to elapse. Do not dwell too much on all that transpired. And time will do its trick. One fine morning you will wake up realizing that you have not only forgiven but forgotten.

Remember that to forget is beneficial to you also.

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